Expensive Apps on the Android Market

The Android Market was opened in 2008, a mere day after Google released the initial version of its mobile operating system. This mobile software store, according to a 2010 survey by Distimo, over twice as many free apps, by percentage, as any of its competitors—including Apple’s vaunted App Store. Additionally, unlike the App Store’s maximum price of $999.99, Google only allows developers to charge up to $200 for their Android Market apps.

In December, 2010, Business Insider published a list of the most expensive Android apps. Here are the five apps that topped their list.

expensive-android-apps-mobilenavigatorMobileNavigator GPS – $126.58

This GPS navigation app from Navigon features text-to-speech, live traffic updates and photo-realistic displays.

Emergency Central – $129.95

Unbound Medicine dominates the upper end of the Android Market spectrum with their medical reference apps. This one, intended for use in the ER, features “the Emergency Medicine Manual, Davis’s Drug Guide, Diagnosaurus DDx, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, and MEDLINE Journals.”

Anesthesia Central – $149.95

For anesthesiologists, this app is a go-to resource full of information about diseases, drugs, tests and procedures.

Nursing Central – $159.95

This app caters to both nurses and students, including Davis’s Drug Guide, Tabor’s Medical Dictionary and a study system to help aspiring nurses pass their exams.

expensive-android-apps-medicine-centralMedicine Central – $159.95

This app, intended for physicians, nurse practicioners and students, includes a “5-Minute Clinical Consult”, MEDLINE journals and resources on drugs and drug interactions.

[Source: Most-Expensive Journal]