Most Expensive Trash Can

expensive-trash-can The world’s most expensive garbage cans are the work of contemporary pop artist Sylvie Fleury.

Created in a limited edition of twenty-five pieces, these garbage cans are made of steel pressed with gold leaf. Each one is stamped with “SF 2003” and its individual number on the underside. Number 25 was made available at Phillips de Pury & Company’s Contemporary Art Sale in New York on May 15th 2009.

Fleury’s other works include various “MINISKIRTS ARE BACK” paintings and an installation featuring a pyramid of Slim-Fast boxes.

The most expensive trash cans in the world are valued at $10,000-15,000.

[Source: Most-Expensive Journal]


John Mellem said...

That is a lot for a trash can. But I understand that its actually a piece of art. Maybe it could be used for an investment that might go up in value as time goes by.