Most Expensive Hotel ever Built

emirates_palace The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi may or may not be a profitable enterprise, but it’s certainly an impressive one. Costing over three billion dollars to build, the Emirates Palace is the most expensive hotel ever built. The hotel is, reportedly, intended to raise Abu Dhabi’s profile among international travelers.

And what a profile it has! This enormous hotel is lined with more gold than the cache at Fort Knox. The remainder of this expensive hotel’s façade is made of imported marble. In fact, the only part of the hotel we can safely assume isn’t made of one precious material or another is its mile-long private beach.

The hotel also boasts a nearly 200 foot high atrium, a highly advanced conference center and its own waterfall. The least expensive rooms in the world’s most expensive hotel are the Palace suites, which are each equipped with three bedrooms, a dining room and living room and go for over $700 a night.

In point of fact, the government of Abu Dhabi doesn’t refer to Emirates Palace as a hotel at all. To them, it’s a national landmark. Its name says all you need to know. In every sense of the word, it’s a palace.

[Source: Most-Expensive Journal]


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