Most Expensive Club Membership

expensive-club-membership Being filthy rich probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Imagine how much trouble it is planning which beach to lounge at, which ultra-luxury vehicle you’re going to drive that day and any other ways you may need to display your wealth that day, lest those around you forget their place. Enter consultant-turned-“Lifestyle Designer” Richard Nilsson, whose Résidence Supérieur may just be the most expensive club membership in the world.

The Résidence Supérieur Black Card allows its holder to access to a host of services—including private jets, butlers, fleets of luxury cars, Michelin-class chefs and more—based in the Résidence Supérieur resorts. Each of their properties are owned or designed by Résidence Supérieur to ensure that members get only the best of the best.

Villa Oxygene, the original Résidence Supérieur property in Super Cannes, was designed by one of France’s most distinguished architects and includes four luxury bedrooms, a garden house and, of course, a decently large swimming pool. Other Résidence Supérieur properties include Necker Island—one of the British Virgin Islands—and The Lodge in the Verbier ski resort in the Swiss Alps.

Best of all, cardholders need only give six hours notice to access any of these properties.

The Résidence Supérieur Black Card costs €200,000 (US $266,000) annually. It may be the world’s most expensive club membership but, hey, can you really put a price on “Extreme Luxury?”

[Source: Most Expensive Journal]


travel_with_love said...

I wish I have much money. Maybe win a prize in a lottery. lol